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Part one   句子:
1.        欢迎光临我们酒店。
译:Welcome to our hotel.
2.        先生,请让我为您介绍一下房间设施。
译:Let me introduce the room to you, sir.
3.        在房间上网是免费的。
译:We offer free internet service in the room.
4.        先生,这是您的房间钥匙。
译:Here is your room card, sir.
5.        祝您在我们饭店过得愉快。
译:I hope you will enjoy your stay in our hotel.
6.        对不起,请问有没有要洗的衣服?
译:Excuse me, do you have any laundry?
7.        我们随时为您服务。
译:We are always at your service.
8.        请问1628号房间在哪?
译:Excuse me, where is Room 1628, please?
9.        请问您的衣服要怎么洗?
译:How would you like your laundry cleaned?
10.     请问您房号是多少?
译:May I have your room number, please?
11.     我带您去您的房间。
译:I will show you to your room.
12.     房间里有小冰箱。
译:There is a mini-bar in the room.
13.     我现在可以打扫您的房间吗?
译:May I make up/clean your room now?
14.     酒店为客人提供免费的擦鞋服务。
译:The hotel provides free shoe shining service for the guests.
15.     抱歉,单人间已经全部订满了。
译:I’m sorry, our single rooms are fully booked.
16.     离开房间时请记得带钥匙。
译:Please take the key card with you when you leave the room.
17.     对不起,现在不行,我这儿有个客人。
译:Sorry, not now. I have a guest here.
18.     先生,您什么时候比较方便?
译:What time would be convenient, sir?
19.     您希望我什么时候过来打扫房间?
译:When would you like me to clean your room?
20.     这件毛衣要用冷水手洗。
译:I’d like this sweater washed by hand in cold water.
21.     你替我要一辆出租车好吗?
译:Could you get a taxi for me, please?
22.     您希望什么时候把衣服给您送回来?
译:When would you like your laundry back?
23.     请让我看一下您的住房卡好吗?
译:Could you show me your room card, please?
24.     我来取您要洗的衣服。
译:I’m here to collect your laundry.
25.     我可以借用一下走廊里放着的那张床吗?
译:Can I use the bed in the corridor?
26.     我想多要一床毛毯和两只枕头可以吗?
译:Can I have one more blanket and two more pillows?
27.     我来帮您拿行李吧。
译:Let me help you with your luggage. / baggage.
28.     卫生间的香皂用完了,请再给我添一块新的,好吗?
译:The soap in the toilet has been used up. Will you please give me a new one?
29.     很抱歉让您久等了。
译:Sorry to have kept you waiting.
30.     这是2139房间。请送一个电熨斗。
译:This is R
oom 2139. Can you send me an iron, please?
31.     您一共有几件行李?
译:How many pieces of luggage/baggage do you have?
32.     请您填写洗衣单,好吗?
译:Could you fill in/out the laundry form, please?
33.     对不起,都快中午了,我的房间还没打扫。
译:Excuse me, it’s almost noon. My room hasn’t been made up/clean yet.)
34.     请问您喜欢什么样的房间?
译:What kind of room would you like/prefer?
35.     水龙头整晚都在漏水。
译:The tap is leaking all night long.
36.     3206房间的电视机坏了,请派人来修理一下。
译:The TV in Room 3206 isn’t working. Please send someone to fix/repair it.
37.     房间面山,十分安静。
译:The room is facing the mountain. It’s very quiet.
38.     我想用信用卡结账。
译:I’d like to pay my bill by credit card.
39.     史密斯先生不在房间,您需要留言吗?
译:I’m afraid Mr. Smith is not in the room now. Would you like to leave a message?
40.     您最后一次是什么时间,在什么地方看见它的?
译:When and where did you last see it?
1.        Housekeeping, may I come in?
2.        Your room number is 3611. Let me show you up there.
3.        Have you got a booking, madam?
4.        The room is at the end of the corridor.
5.        The air-conditioner doesn’t work.
6.        This is a room with a sea view.
7.        How do you like this room?
8.        When can I have my laundry back?
9.        Here’s your room. May I put your luggage/baggage here?
10.     You’ve got three pieces of luggage/baggage. Is that right, sir?译:先生,您一共有三件行李,是吗?
11.     We'll dry-clean the dress.
12.     Is there a tag attached to the luggage/baggage?
13.     There’s a 10% discount for a double room.
14.     I’ll send them up to your room, just one moment.
15.     What time will you arrive, sir?
16.     We look forward to seeing you.
17.     What’s the rate for a single room?
18.     I’m very sorry, sir. The hotel is fully booked.
19.     Please deposit your money, jewelry and other valuables in the hotel safe.
20.     Certainly, sir. I’ll clean up your room earlier tomorrow.
21.     You can make long distance calls from your room.
22.     I’m sorry, sir. I’m going to your room as soon as I finish this one.
23.     If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to let us know.  译:如果您有问题,请随时找我们。
24.     Good evening. May I do turn-down service for you now? 译:晚上好,现在可以为您开夜床吗?
25.     I’d like to have an extra blanket and one more glass.
26.     Please fill in/out the laundry list and put it with your laundry.
27.     The business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.
28.     Do you prefer laundry returned on the same day or by express service?
29.     Could you tell me some features of your suitcase?
30.     We’re very sorry for the delay, sir. Your luggage/baggage was wrongly delivered to Room 608.
31.     We apologize to you for having troubled you so much.
32.     There is a socket beside the desk.
33.     I assure you it will never happen again.
34.     I’m afraid all hair dryers have been sent out.
35.     There is a Hotel Directory in the desk drawer.
36.     For baby-sitting service, the charge is 50 Yuan per hour.
37.     How would you like to make payment, by credit card or in cash?
38.     I’m afraid we have no record of your reservation.
39.     Please call the Front Desk when you want your room done. 译:当您需要清理房间时,请给前台打电话。
40.     Pets are not allowed in the hotel.  
Part two    情景应答:
1.      Q:What will you say if a guest comes to say that he can’t find his watch?
A:I’m sorry to hear that. When and where did you last see it? / Can you tell me some features of your watch?
2.      Q:You are going to clean the room for the guest, but he tells you that it is not convenient for him now, what will you say?
A:I’ll say: That’s all right. I will be back later. What time would be convenient, sir? 
3.      Q:What will you do if the guest says that she wants to use her hairdryer but it’s 110 volts?
A:I will send her a transformer or a hairdryer for 220 volts.
4.      Q:You are going to make turn-down service for the guest, but he is working, what will you do?
A:I will ask the guest if I can do it now. If not, I will ask him when it will be convenient for him.
5.      Q:If the guest calls to complain that his room is too cold, what will you do?
A:I will tell him that there is a blanket in the closet, or I will send him an extra one.
6.      Q:If the guests want to take part in a party, but they are worried about their babies, what will you say?
A:Maybe you can try the baby-sitting service in our hotel. The charge is 80 Yuan per hour.
7.      Q:What will you say if a guest wants to have an extra pillow?
A:Certainly, sir /madam. I’ll bring it to you right away. May I have your room number, please?
8.      Q:If a guest calls to complain that the bulb in his room is broken, what will you do?
A:I will apologize to him and tell him that the electrician will come soon.
9.      Q:What will you do if the guest wants to surf the internet in the hotel?
A:I will tell the guest that the hotel offers free internet service in the room, and there is an internet café in the hotel as well.
10.   Q:How will you introduce your guestroom to the guest?
A:I will introduce the equipment, the views, the services in the hotel and so on to the guest.
11.   Q:When a guest asks you to take her clothes for laundry by phone, what will you say?
A:Certainly, sir /madam. I will pick up your laundry soon. May I have your room number, please?
12.   Q:When you delivered the laundry to a wrong guest, how would you apologize to the guest?
A:We are very sorry for the mistake. I’m sure this will not happen again.
13.   Q:When a guest asks about the express laundry service, what will you say?
A:For express service, you may get your laundry back in 4 hours. But there is a 50% extra charge.
14.   Q:What do you need to check when you come to collect the guest’s laundry?
A: I will check how many pieces of laundry there are and see if the guest has filled in the laundry list.
15.   Q:What will you say if a guest without a reservation wants to check in at the Front Office?
A:Just a moment, please. Let me check if there are rooms available.
16.   Q:What will you say when the guest has finished checking-in?
A:Here is your room key and a bellboy will show you to your room. I hope you will enjoy your stay in our hotel.
17.   Q:If a guest calls to say that his toilet is clogged, what will you say?
A:I’m terribly sorry to hear that. May I have your room number?We’ll check it right away.
18.   Q:The TV in the guest’s room doesn’t work. The electrician has been working on it for a while. But the guest is getting impatient. What will you say to calm him down?
A:I’m sorry, sir. I’m afraid it takes time to fix. Would you like to change a room?
19.   Q:When a visitor calls to talk to a guest, but the guest is not in his room now, what will you say?
A:I’m afraid he is not in the room now. Would you like to leave a message?
20.   Q:What will you tell the guest if he wants to make an international call in his room?
A:I’ll tell him that he can dial 9 first and then the country code, area code and the phone number.
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